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Ellon Spirit Company

Ellon Spirits Blackberry Liqueur 500ml 20% ABV.

Ellon Spirits Blackberry Liqueur 500ml 20% ABV.

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Made with thousands of beautifully grown blackberries to create a full natural flavour. Made with pure alcohol so that the flavour of the blackberries has no competition, this super dark liqueur will excite your tastebuds.

What to mix it with:

This fruit punching liqueur is best mixed with Lemonade, Tonic or Soda water, however, it is also perfect served on its own.

Try adding to Prosecco or champagne to make a delightful and simple cocktail.

How to store

As with all of our liqueurs, they are best stored in a dark ambient cupboard. If you wish to store in a fridge, the liqueur may thicken; this is not a problem, just be sure to give the bottle a good shake before you serve.

Life Span

It is likely that our liqueurs would last for many years, however, we recommend enjoying them within 2 years of purchase. We also advise that once opened, the liqueur is consumed within 6 months.

Real fruit - Shake it baby

We don’t use any artificial flavouring, colours or anything nasty. As a result of this, the liqueur can thicken slightly and most likely the fruit bits will settle. So make sure you shake that bottle before you serve.

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