Private Label

What we offer…

  • Scottish Dry Gin 40% ABV - 500ml or 700ml Bottles
    • Premium Vodka 40% ABV - 500ml or 700ml Bottles
    • Caribbean Dark Rum (Matured in Scotland) 40% ABV - 500ml or 700ml Bottles

      All our products are made, bottled and labeled by Ellon Spirit Company. We sell these exact products directly to our customers, so we put our name to them too. You will get the best quality product we produce, so you can trust your clients will love the taste.


      • Reward your employee
      • Gift to your clients or future clients
      • Help raise funds for your community when charities or local groups ask for raffle prizes

        Giving a bottle of alcohol with your brands logo on the bottle will mean you can make a deeper connection with your employees, clients and community. Your brand will make it into the homes of the people you really want to. More than any other branded merchandise, conversations will be had about your brand at the dinner table or at parties with friends and family, over multiple occasions.

        How does it work?

        • Step 1 - Order your required alcohol: either Vodka, Gin or Rum or all three, via email.
        • Step 2 - Send us your logo in PDF format (high quality).
        • Step 3 - We can design your label - This can be completed by yourself should you wish.
        • Step 4 - Approve label design.
        • Step 5 - Alcohol will be delivered around 3/4 weeks from approval. We can complete any future orders in a shorter time period.
        • Step 6 - Enjoy a glass or two

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