Elevate Your Brand with Premium Private Label Spirits: Scottish Gin, Vodka, and Rum


In the world of business, making a long-lasting impression is prime. What higher way to go away a mark than with a gift that combines satisfactory, luxury, and personalization? Ellon Spirit Company proudly provides an extraordinary range of personal label Scottish Dry Gin, Premium Vodka, and Caribbean Dark Rum, all matured and bottled in Scotland. These spirits are not just beverages; they're a testament in your brand's commitment to excellence.

1. Scottish Dry Gin: A Taste of Scottish Tradition (40% ABV)

Available in 500ml or 700ml bottles, our Scottish Dry Gin is a traditional illustration of Scotland's rich distilling records. With a strong 40% ABV, this gin is crafted the usage of time-commemorated strategies and regionally sourced botanicals, supplying a taste this is both real and super. Whether it's for a company giveaway or a token of appreciation, our Scottish Dry Gin is certain to electrify.

2. Premium Vodka: Purity and Elegance (40% ABV)

Our Premium Vodka, additionally to be had in 500ml or 700ml options, is a image of purity and class. Distilled to perfection and owning a easy, clean palate at 40% ABV, this vodka caters to the subtle tastes of your customers or employees. It's a versatile desire, best for celebrating milestones or as a sophisticated corporate present.

3. Caribbean Dark Rum (Matured in Scotland): A Unique Blend (40% ABV)
The Caribbean meets Scotland in our top notch Dark Rum. Matured in Scotland and bottled at forty% ABV in 500ml or 700ml bottles, this rum offers a unique combination of tropical essence and Scottish craftsmanship. Its wealthy, deep flavours make it a perfect desire for special activities, charity raffles, or as a prominent present.

Why Choose Ellon Spirit Company?

At Ellon Spirit Company, we apprehend the significance of best and trust. That's why every bottle of our spirits is meticulously made, bottled, and classified beneath our watchful eye. We promote these actual merchandise directly to our clients, making sure which you get hold of nothing however the first-rate. When you pick our private label spirits, you are no longer just getting a beverage; you are getting a chunk of our dedication to excellence.

More Than Just a Gift

Gifting a bottle of our top rate spirits goes beyond a simple gesture. It's an opportunity to create a deeper connection with your employees, customers, and network. Imagine your logo's brand elegantly displayed on a bottle of exceptional spirit, making its manner into houses and sparking conversations at dinner tables, parties, and own family gatherings. Unlike different branded products, a bottle of top rate spirit from Ellon Spirit Company is a gift that will be remembered and mentioned lengthy after the primary sip.


In conclusion, whether or not you're seeking to praise your personnel, impress your customers, or help your neighborhood community, our range of Scottish Dry Gin, Premium Vodka, and Caribbean Dark Rum gives a unique and noteworthy way to showcase your logo. With Ellon Spirit Company, you may relaxation confident that your present could be loved, and your logo might be celebrated. Elevate your corporate gifting with a touch of Scottish beauty and Caribbean warm temperature – choose Ellon Spirit Company's non-public label spirits.

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